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Each conference is chaired by a distinguished faculty. With a focus on practice development and current practice or litigation trends, the presentations are richly augmented with written materials, including the latest in pending or passed legislation affecting practitioners or clients active in the topic area. We are proud to be the largest California-based commercial provider of continuing legal education. CLE with Higher IQ.

Upcoming Live Events


California Attorney's Fees 2020

04-24-2020 10:00 am -11:30 am

California Attorneys Fees: 2018
This program will focus on tips for claiming and obtaining California attorney’s fees in both California state and federal courts.  It will cover these topics:  (1) bases for requesting attorney’s fees; (2) how to structure fee petitions/motions; (3) how to attack fee petitions/motions; (4) how to develop the record in fee proceedings and what type of orders to request/fashion for future appeal; (5) tips for arguing fee issues before California state appellate courts/the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; and (5) selected issues of importance in the arbitration, SLAPP, civil rights, family law, private attorney general, and class action areas.


Piercing the Corporate Veil - Alter Ego Liability in California in 2020

05-01-2020 10:00 am -11:30 am

This webinar will cover an array of issues faced by litigants and practitioners where alter ego or successor liability theories are advanced during litigation.  Among other things, the webinar will explore the contours of the alter ego and successor liability doctrines; proper pleading of these doctrines; discovery strategies for both plaintiffs and defendants; proof issues faced by both sides when these doctrines are at play; trial issues on who decides these equitable issues; post-judgment attorney’s fees claims and defenses; and post-judgment efforts to amend a judgment to include alter egos and successors as additional judgment debtors.


2020 Class Action Litigation Conference - Los Angeles

05-15-2020 9:00 am -2:50 pm

Bridgeport’s Annual Class Action Conference explores and explains the changing landscape of class actions.  Because the world of class action litigation is always changing, Corporate Counsel and Civil litigators who practice in this area are aware that there have been significant developments both in the practice and the law, both Nationally and in California. Plaintiff and defense attorneys and in-house counsel need to be up to date on the changes involving class action legislation, certification, procedure, presentation, arbitration, settlements and more. The 2020 Conference will take a careful look at the most litigated issues facing practitioners today and going forward. This conference is chaired by Bethany W. Kristovich, Munger, of Tolles & Olson and Kevin F. Ruf of Glancy Prongay & Murray.


Mastering the Deposition in CA - Orange County 2020

06-26-2020 9:00 am -4:00 pm

The ability to plan and take outstanding depositions determines the value of your case, the outcome of dispositive motions, and who wins at trial. From developing the big picture down to formulating the narrowest questions, learn from a faculty of noted trial attorneys that has conducted more than 5,000 depositions. For many clients, your depositions are their only day in court. Make every question count! Learn techniques used by the best trial lawyers to get the most out of every deposition.